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We take it personally!

Welcome to The Best Practice Network!

We represent a group of experienced professionals that champion best practice in Good Governance and Combined  Assurance.


  • Our approach : provide tailor made, out of the box expert solutions to meet your unique needs and support your growth. We value flexibility, innovative thinking and cost effectiveness.

  • Our belief : experience gained in multiple industries guarantees innovative approaches, added flexibility and premium solutions to address corporate issues.


  • Our perspective : critical services should only be undertaken by experienced and skilled professionals.

  • Our goal :  an actionable plan with a clear end goal.


This is why we decided to create the Best Practice Network. An initiative that brings together professionals with local and international experience, diverse backgrounds and a common goal to "take it personally" and deliver the best possible solution, saving your company valuable time and effort in the process. 

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss more.  To set up a meeting with one of our experts please email

The Best Practice Network Team 

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